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IBM Academic Initiative

Rational SEED Program

It is an ongoing debate whether education helps students more than first-hand experience of the real world. With the increasing application of software in everyday business and life, there is a strong demand for software engineers with experience in advanced software development tools, technologies and practices. IBM has taken the first step towards the development of software professionals by starting the IBM Rational SEED Program.

How does the IBM Rational SEED Program work?

While most educational institutions have developed software engineering degree programs for undergraduates and graduates, the quality of those programs varies with the institution's ability to expose students to current technology and tools. With IBM Rational SEED (Software Engineering for Educational Development) Program, IBM provides institutes with all the necessary equipments under the program at a nominal fee. As a result, students are exposed to newer technologies without an institute’s finances being affected. IBM Rational SEED Program has been implemented in most universities and colleges in India. It is designed to help the institute teach advanced software engineering practices based on IBM Rational industry-leading tools and techniques.

Our products address the entire software-development lifecycle (SDLC), Testing & Quality Assurance (STQA) and include tools for business and systems engineering, tools for graphical object oriented analysis & design (OOAD) with UML, an integrated software-development environment, and extensive support for the development, debugging, and measurement of reliable high performance systems.

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What’s in it for your students?

IBM Rational Software is extensively used in most of the leading software companies. With maximum exposure to the latest technology and hands-on experience, IBM Rational SEED Program enables students to become prime employment candidates. There is also a large requirement for Software Testing and Quality professionals and this program provides the ideal platform

  • It builds required skills for a successful career in the future, and helps gain hands-on experience with IBM Rational tools
  • Utilizing the right tool for the task during completion of projects, assignments and papers will give students proficiency
  • IBM Rational online communications will help students publish original high-quality research projects and original papers on the Web

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What’s in it for the college?

A good faculty makes a quality Institution! The MoU between the Institute and IBM signifies the first step to a long standing, successful partnership.

IBM brings a unique combination of industry leading Rational tools and training to enable faculty members with the required skills as they prepare future engineers to make superior quality software products. The tools under SEED program are the industry de-facto both in Software Development Lifecycle and Software Testing and Quality Assurance. The training provided to the faculty will be world class ensuring better trained faculty and hence more productive and high performing students.

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All licenses are subject to the following provisions:

  • License keys are to be provided only to students who are participating in an educational offering.
  • In order to qualify for using the product and/or courseware, the institution must complete an application and sign an MOU that contains restricted usage provisions.
  • IBM Rational products/courseware provided under IBM Rational SEED Program must be used only for educational purposes and can be applied to academic research activities that are associated with courses.
  • Each educational institution must designate only one faculty member and only one system manager as points of contact with IBM Rational to handle requests for additional software licenses and software enhancements, to report software bugs, administer and support license agreements and the license installation and administration.
  • IBM Rational eagerly accepts feedback and suggestions regarding our products. The contact person to IBM Rational through the use of electronic mail, fax, or postal mail must direct all software problem reports and/or suggestions for enhancements.
  • Following standard procedure in grants, each sponsoring faculty member is expected to write a brief report to IBM Rational once per year describing how IBM Rational products provided through the IBM Rational SEED Program were used at the institution.
  • Any publications (including articles, courses, textbooks, theses, and so on) that stem from work done using products and courseware provided by the IBM Rational SEED Program must include a citation of IBM Rational products and the SEED program.

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IBM Rational SEED Program is offered ‘as stated’ in these terms and conditions. These, as well as all stipulations in the license and courseware agreements, apply to all participants and will not be waived or negotiated.

IBM Reserves the right to change the terms & conditions of this program.

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